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Job Opportunity

Are you interested in helping us grow the first all-vegan grocery in San Francisco?

Email us at with your application, please include your social links, resume, a quick comment on why you want to work with us.

We’re looking for smart, friendly, eco-conscious people (preferably, vegans) to join our team. We promise to never discriminate and are open to all applicants. If you’d like to intern with us or volunteer to help promote the store in any way, feel free to email us as well!

Store Host / Associate

  1. Living in the East Bay with a car, ready to pick up the donuts in Oakland & Berkeley starting 6am and come to open the store by 7.30am on weekdays for the first half of the day shift.
  2. Living in San Francisco for the afternoon shift and closing the store.

Job Responsibilities

Greeting customers
Being friendly and open for conversation
Using Square POS
Posting to Instagram and Facebook
Maintaining the store clean and tidy
Receiving the inventory & adding it to the system

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