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Have you heard! Our GoFundMe needs your help!

We need your help to expand!

Show your support by going to this link

Hello everyone, this is Sergey and Davier, we are raising money to support our vegan grocery Green Taste Vegan Goods. It has been the first and only all-vegan grocery in San Francisco. These are difficult times, and we ask our friends, fans, fellow vegans to help us get through the next three months.

We are a black-owned/immigrant-owned small business. Currently we don’t have staff or external financing so we operate the store ourselves. COVID-19 shelter-in-place lasted longer than everyone was expecting. We were fortunate enough in the beginning of the quarantine to stay open as essential business but now our online sales slowed down and people have been moving out of the city.

Our second jobs and personal income sources have been completely cut off and the current state of sales will not be enough to keep us afloat. We are asking for financial support to secure our present and future.

Since July we’ve been working on opening our second store location in Tiburon to cater to a larger audience and double the sales. We’re currently in our final stage: we’ve got our business license, now we need to apply for the Health Department permit which will take another month and at least additional $1000.

The raised funds will go to help cover the rent, restock, pay vendors, promote our online store and pay for the Health Permit.

Visit our online store
Support by purchasing our Honest Swag merchandise

Lots of love

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Green Tasting of Spero Foods Sep 5 – 6th

Green Taste Vegan Goods is a brand that strives to elevate the grocery shopping experience through exquisite products, personal approach, and community events.

We know that the last few months have been difficult for us all socially, financially, and emotionally. It is important to get creative in finding ways to enjoy life’s offerings (as in ‘free samples’).

We are thrilled to #SPREAD the word by spreading the cheese! SPERO FOODS make 👅 popping creamy cheese from..shhh! SUNFLOWER SEEDS!
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Come over to taste the creamy cheese!
Oh! Perhaps we’ll have a special Lemonade on tap!

September 5th & 6th, 11am to 2pm

Hope to see ya! 😉
Green Taste Team