Foods Alive – Nutritional Yeast 6oz – Non-Fortified, Non-GMO, Vegan


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Most Nutritional Yeast products are fortified with synthetic B-vitamins, but not this one!

Our Non-Fortified Nutritional yeast provides the great cheesy flavor you’re looking for without the use of synthetic additives. With a nutty cheesy flavor, our unfortified nutritional yeast is a favorite among many vegans because of its unique flavor and similarity to cheese when added to foods.

Nutritional yeast is NOT brewer’s yeast, bakers yeast, or Torula yeast; and because nutritional yeast does not come in contact with barley (like brewer’s yeast), it is gluten-free and safe for people with Celiac Disease.

Nutritional yeast is produced by culturing the yeast with a mixture of sugar cane and beet molasses, then harvesting, washing, drying, and packaging the yeast.

Nutritional Yeast is not a genetically modified organism (GMO).


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